30 January 2008

Why don't I just slit my wrists now and call it a day?


It’s been brought to my attention by both H------- and G-- that people here at the CA campus are relaying to the staff at the ID campus concerns that I am not at work for the hours that I should be.

  1. I am not leaving early unless it is specifically scheduled and covered by my PTO. I did leave early due to a migraine last week. This was also covered by PTO.
  2. If you are concerned about the amount of time I am spending at work, I would prefer that you bring these concerns to me, so that I have the chance to respond to them.
  3. While I can assure you that I am spending 8 hours a day in this office, if you would like, I am more than happy to either send you an email or call you on your cell phone when I arrive in the morning, when I leave for lunch, when I return from lunch, and when I leave for the day, if this will allay any worries you may have about the amount of time I am spending here. Please respond thusly if you would like me to start doing this for you, as it is absolutely no problem on my end.
  4. Please be aware that I mark any time that I will be taking off on the corporate calendar in Outlook, and not on the calendar in the instructors’ room. If you are concerned that I am absent, this would be a good first place to check.
  5. Finally, please be aware that, due to the large size of this building and the small size of the staff, I may not always be at my desk when I am here. Do not assume that because I am not at my desk I am not at work.

Thank you,


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