18 January 2008

Weekend Trouble

This weekend hopes to be an adventure.
I'm doing the unprecedented, and outsourcing Gabe for two(!) nights in a row. He'll be well asleep before I leave tonight, and with his dad tomorrow, so I feel not guilty at all.
Tonight I'm going down to Sacramento, in fulfillment of New Year's resolutions. First I have to spend some time with my child and do my ever-increasing pile of laundry. It turns out you make more friends when you smell nice.
Tomorrow Monastica is coming to visit me during the day. I predict the eating of food and the playing of games and the telling of stories and the reminiscing on old times. And then tomorrow night I'm going out with Ms. Darci, whose lovely daughter is out of town for the weekend, and is in dire need of distractions. And I'm always a distraction.
This is going to be another weekend of no photo identification. Luckily Darc is married to a lovely man who also happens to be a bartender at one of my favorite slums.

As repayment for tonight's festivities I'm double toddler duty Sunday night. I'm presuming I'll survive.

1 comment:

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