28 January 2008

Week. Ending.

Friday night I watched Gabey and Leo at Stella's house. Leo was really good and Gabriel was really bad, but the night went fine with nothing too much to report.

Saturday my mom came up, collecting Duncan on her way. We went to the park and played with Gabe, and went for a walk, and went to Big Al's for lunch, and then they were on their way again. I dropped Gabriel off with Stella at around 7ish. Hung out at my house Saturday night. Probably drank too much.

Woke up Sunday morning with a couple new bruises and a headache, but I think that's a fair price to pay. Got Gabey, had to work for Darci, K was supposed to take Gabes, didn't, didn't show up. Was supposed to give me $$ on Friday, didn't, then didn't give me $$ Saturday or Sunday either. Apparently did not get Gabe a birthday present. Wanted to know why I hadn't gone grocery shopping, I explained that food costs money. Fucker.

Overall, good weekend, even if I DO have a hand print on my butt.

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