11 January 2008

Wanted: A one way ticket to somewhere else

So I was at work yesterday, until 5. I was the last person in the building. I locked the building. No one was here. I left my desk a bit of a mess because, well, I was scattered, and we don't have students Fridays, so I figured that I had Friday morning to come in and tidy up.
I came in this morning (at 745, by the way) to a note on my monitor that reads "Jennifer, customers see you first. Please keep this area clean."

Oh. Wow. So my dickheaded boss who ALREADY must burn in hell for taking a precious, precious hour away from my son and I for the sake of nothing at all came in AFTER HOURS yesterday to rifle through my things and critique me. Never mind that I left last, and got here first. No no. Never mind that at all.

So, not surprisingly, I spent this morning crying. Again.

And here's the thing. I don't WANT to hate my job. I want to love my job. I want to enjoy being here. And, largely, I do. Yes, I'm the office bitch, but most of the people (all but one) with whom I work are kind and respectful and above board and understanding about most things most of the time. Because they are reasonable human beings. And here I am; I feel like I've been backed into a corner. Do you WANT me to quit? Because I am VERY capable of getting a new job. And of quitting. If that's what you want. But if by chance you just lack human compassion and don't understand how to interact with others, maybe try to figure it out?


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