15 January 2008

Utterly Distractable

I was so caught up with curiosity and speculation about what I'm putting on the books as The Lamest Breakup in History that I totally forgot to share this little gem:
I went out on Saturday night. As you may have learned, I lost my wallet. I don't have a driver's license. Well I have a passport. Except that I recently learned that I don't. I think it's somehow in amongst K's things, cuz I haven't seen it since I moved out. So I went out on Saturday with my expired passport (featuring a picture of me when I'm 2 years old), a xerox of my current passport (which p.s. looks nothing like me) and an expired student ID from when I went to UCSB. And I got into MULTIPLE bars.
As soon as I remember, I will scan and upload these absurd documents, because it's just one more night when the world was ridiculous. It sort of reminds me of the time that I was in downtown Santa Barbara and I called 9-1-1 to get home. And the police, rather than arresting me, made a taxi drive me home for free.
Just like everyone with whom I've spoken about this, I'm WILDLY curious about what actually happened with me and boy, because, yknow, since I never got a phone call or anything, I'll never actually know. And that leaves way too much room for speculation. I can come up with about a thousand reasons to break up with me (no one ever said I was perfect). I can't, however, come up with a single scenario where doing it through "a social networking site" would be even remotely acceptable. As Molly so aptly put it, even if I was sleeping with his brother and I'd killed his cat, that would still warrant a phone call. And this is coming from a girl who once broke up with her boyfriend in an email (sorry Prav, but I was only 18, and I'm lame).

I just found out that Monononononica is coming to visit me on Saturday! And I get to meet her new boy. She's promised good things, so I'm putting all of my reservations on hold, even though the last boys of hers were distinctively and utterly lame. Plus she hasn't seen Gabey in forever, and he's adorable. And I haven't seen her forever, and aren't I adorable?

Well....aren't I?

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