23 January 2008

Thank goodness for sick days

I was at work, getting an awful headache, perhaps from my all of the nonsense with which people kept trying to fill up my head, and then I remembered! I have benefits! If I'm not feeling well, I can take a personal day! Hurrah! So I did. And I cleaned out my bathtub. And now I'm baking cookies. And I'll pick up Gabe as soon as he wakes up from nap, and we can have the afternoon together. If the rain holds off, I'll take him to the park.

And I got home to a package from Miss Daphne. I love Daphne. Every time I start to feel like it would be a really good time to teach myself how to do a frontal lobotomy, Daph sends me the EXACTLY right CD. And I can't quite figure out how she knows which one to send. I mean, they're off of my Amazon wish list, but how does she know the EXACT one that I need to hear?

Plus she sent me a very coveted (by me, maybe not by anyone else) book on knitting adorable bags. Have I mentioned that I'm somebody's grandmother trapped in the body of a 25 year old? Well I'm excited about it, all the same.

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