28 January 2008

Stalking Me?

Let me make it easier:
  • Tonight I'm going to dinner at Jayme's house.
  • Tomorrow Gabe has his 2 year checkup, where they can tell me that he's gained .02 lbs in the last 6 months, and officially dropped off the low end of the growth chart.
  • This Saturday is Angelica's birthday, I am planning an outing, although babysitting options remain to be seen. I would prefer to go somewhere NOT La Salles, because although it's very VERY classy, I've been there the last 3 times I went out, and I'm over it for awhile. I can only take college girls in hooker boots so many weekends in a row.
  • Sometime this weekend I need to take Gabe to get pictures taken for his 2nd birthday. He was supposed to go with his dad yesterday, and, well, didn't. This wouldn't be such a big deal except that K told me that he bought Gabe's school pictures, and I've never seen them so I don't think he did, and he borrowed the last set of pics (on his 18-month birthday) I had taken to scan them, and I've yet to get them back. He'll be wearing his "Mexican Sweater" (I'm not quite ready to talk about this atrocity on the internet, but email me privately and I'll tell you why I'm VERY disappointed in a friend of mine. Or wait about a millisecond for me to post it here, because I'm not very good at keeping things to myself).
  • Next Thursday and Friday (Feb 6th and 7th) I shall be in sunny (hopefully?) Idaho, for work. Wednesday night I have to drive Gabe down to my parents' house, and then back UP to Sacramento to fly out, which should be joyful, at best. I'm hoping to track down my cousin Shannon for couch-sleeping purposes, or maybe Dunky-pies. Or someone in Sacramento at any rate.
  • My mom's bringing me Gabeys on Saturday on her way to take the boys snowboarding, and I think I'll hitch along since I haven't been boarding, in, oh I dunno, FOREVER??? And my mom said she's watch Gabe for a day if I came up. So I WILL!! Need to get my board waxed, locate all of my various snowboarding supplies, etc. etc.
  • No Valentine's Day plans, but I haven't ever once HAD Valentine's Day plans, unless it involved drinking box wine with my girlfriends. In fact, does anyone want to get together and drink pink box wine? It's a VERY classy thing to do. Molly do you remember when I got blizzarded into my NY visit and we drank TWO boxes of wine? With sippy cups? And I missed every single one of my midterms? I miss you Molly.
  • I have President's Day (February 18th) off. No plans for that weekend though. Present me with some options, and I'll take them into consideration.
  • I'm also taking Friday February 22nd off, making that a 3-day work-week, which can't be beat. I'm GOING TO PHILADELPHIA!!! To see MOLLY!!! I'm very, VERY excited about this. I'm going for Molly's bachelorette, etc. party/weekend events. I haven't seen Mol in far. too. long. Probably this will be a busy and event filled weekend without the quality Jenny/Molly time that I know and love, but hell, she's getting married. So I'm okay with that. I have a dream that someday, somehow, we will get to hang out for realsies. And I'm very patient.
  • On the weekend of March 7-9th, Julia Jane Godley is gracing Chico with her presence. I predict that she packs at least four pairs of shoes, and buys two more while she's here. My goals include: not losing my wallet/id, refraining from making out with boys just because I'm bored, and taking copious amounts of photos.
  • This year Easter is the same as Jonathan and Camille's birthdays (March 23rd), so I will surely be at my parents' house. Jonathan I'm assuming will be 51, but maybe only 50? Miss Camille Torres will be one exactly. I assume Rebecca will be hosting. In the past when she's had Easter parties they've turned into giant affairs filled with little Hispanic girls wearing uncomfortable dresses, four different jell-o desserts, and tantrums thrown by all. Maybe if it's also a birthday party it will be a bit different. By the way, that's the next time I really see myself getting there. So take note, make reservations, etc. etc.
I could go on for a couple more months, because, oh wait, I'm neurotic and already know what I'm doing in 2009 practically, but I'll spare you.

Some trips I would like to plan (feel free to help and facilitate):
  1. I would like to get to SF and see all my bay area buddies sans Gabriel.
  2. I would like to visit with Lexy (this could be incorporated into the above).
  3. L.A., Julia.
  4. Portland, Sara(h) (I'm thinking I'd like to go to the Rose Parade, but if going then makes it ungodly expensive, then maybe not).
  5. Camping.
  6. SNOWBOARDING. How I miss, how I love. My aunt lives in South Lake Tahoe, and I can stay there, if anyone would care to join me. For this one it's babysitting that's the issue.

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