20 January 2008

Singing for my supper

I'm on toddler duty tonight; it's the price I paid for a fun weekend.
Friday I didn't get enough sleep, which was exactly what I needed.

Saturday MONICA came and visited. I met her boyfriend, he seems very sweet and I really liked him. Considering Monica's record on the dating end of things, this was amazing. AND this was the first time since SB that we've hung out and she hasn't needed to go to the emergency room, so maybe this new healthy relationship is paying off by giving her a healthier body too. We ate at Woodstock's, which is something that I only do when my Santa Barbara friends visit, because Chico doesn't have Freebirds.

Saturday night I went out with Miss Darci and Miss Stella. I really wasn't very drunk, but I was feeling quite ridiculous anyhow. My friends have a public image to uphold, so I'm afraid the details are somewhat classified. You can ask if you're curious though.

Since Saturday night I did what I said I wouldn't do and let K watch Gabe at my house, I spent the night in Kyra's bed. Normally when K watches Gabey I try to get back to my house fairly early--by nine at least. But he was a total arse about it the night before about what time I was coming back. And then he called me this morning and I said that if he wanted to come pick me up he could but otherwise I needed to wait for someone to wake up and give me a ride. And he said he didn't have his carseat. Who takes their carseat out of their car before they go to CARE FOR THEIR CHILD?? What if there had been an emergency? Was he planning on taking a cab? So I wasn't in much of a hurry to get back, and I slept in (which was heaven) and had coffee, and bummed around.

Today I've been pretty worthless. I forgot to feed Sheena's dogs yesterday, so I had to go do it today. They were happy to see me. I took Gabe's nap with him, and now I have two two-year-olds snuggled into a blanket nest in the Stella's living room, watching Finding Nemo. I'm planning on crashing as soon as they do, because I'm pretty wrecked from double nights of squandering my sleeping hours on other activities.

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