03 January 2008

Photos from last Saturday, with captions

Her name is Taina, she has wild eyes:
I was operating an arm wrestling shark business, because I'm freakishly strong. Actually C- won, but I did beat out Mike and James:

But how can I get us kicked out of this Hell's Angels bar? Oh I know, when this guy asks me if I know what red and white means, I'll ask "Do you know what Monguls means?":

Shit, we got kicked out, good thing I brought my beer with me. Because Ocean Street NEVER has cops on it:

We've only been drinking for 5 and a half hours, how about some shots?:

1 comment:

  1. Freakishly strong? Don't you think that might have something to do with carrying a small human around with you everyday for the past two years?!?