16 January 2008


JULIA is coming to visit at the beginning of March. Let's review the Jenny/Jules 2007:

Cinco de Mayo: Jules comes and visits. I have broken up with K, but don't move out till the 10th. Awkward. We paint the town red. The details are not specific. Julia was still dating lame boyfriend exhibit A, but I think she was pretty jealous about the fact that I was no longer dating lame boyfriend exhibit B.

Julia's Birthday (end of July): I drive down to LA, leaving the babe in Chico. K has not yet been evicted, so this is okay. I am just a week past having major oral surgery, so I have double black eyes and can't eat. I spend a LOT of money at Sephora to make the black eyes go away, and I CAN drink, so I make the most of things by making out with a boy who decides that he's in love with me and also a crazy stalker, Julia has broken up with lame boyfriend exhibit A, makes out with the bartender, which I think significantly increases our level of drunkenness. The next night we do karaoke, and realize that if you're with lame people, karaoke's really not all that fun. RIDICULOUS.

Jenny's birthday (beginning of September): Jules flies up here. We kick off Friday night by Julia drinking straight tequila and licking honey (?). Saturday I buy silver shoes and my now infamous please-wear-a-different-shirt silver tube top. There is much ridiculousness and tomfoolery, I make out with a 19-year-old, lose a shoe, don't sleep ALL NIGHT, Stella films a porn, Julia sleeps in a toddler bed.

USC Homecoming Weekend (beginning of November): I fly to LA. Friday night we go to Busby's, which is actually a really lame club, but we're so awesome that we always have fun wherever we go. Saturday we are so VERY VERY hungover, we sleep on the grass in the middle of a street, we have our pictures taken, we gather ourselves, go out, and ENTER JACOB. He who shall not be named. Once I make a decision never to look at him again, my life gets better. I get bought drinks by many many strangers. A couple propositions me for a threesome.

Weekend before New Years: We are both in Santa Cruz. We go out with my sibs and in-laws. Drink too much. C- starts a fight with Hell's Angels. In a Hell's Angels bar. We didn't die.

March 7th: Julia comes again. Thus begins our 2008 adventures. Who knows what lies ahead?


  1. I can't wait to find out what kind of crazy shenanigans we get ourselves into this time....

  2. oh man, i miss all the good adventures!

    when's your blog gonna say 'i fly up to portland...'?