01 January 2008

My weekend, presented as a bulleted list

  • Sheena watched Gabe in the morning for me, essentially because she loves me and is a fantastic friend.
  • Picked Gabe up and brought him to work with me in the afternoon, where he adorably napped under my desk, and was generally well behaved.
  • Drove to my parents' house, arriving at around 8pm. Received many prezzies, including a Kitchenaid Mixer (!), books, etc.
  • Took Gabe swimming at Simpkins with Laura, Simon, Daniel, James, Mom (forgot bathing suit and had to borrow bikini from Laura; lack bikini belly)
  • Went to lunch at Ming's (cockroach infested bad greasy spoon Chinese food) with my whole immediate family (less Duncan), Grandma Anne, Irv, Aunt Cathy, Aunt Randy, Randy's husband Wayne.
  • Was molested by Irv (face grab, kiss dead on lips, horror, hell).
  • Was (along with Laura) conned into lunch on Monday with Irv.
  • Invited Duncan and Kate to lunch with Irv in an attempt to cut down on the molestation by Irv.
  • Threatened to call in sick on Monday and leave Laura stranded.
  • Received prezzies from Julia.
  • Went out with Julia, C-, Duncan, Kate, Laura, Mike.
  • Drank. Too much.
  • Very nearly had bar fight with Hell's Angels over pool table/unwise comments made by C-.
  • Got kicked out of favorite dive bar/Hell's Angels bar
  • Went to another bar very close to closing time.
  • Got kicked out of bar #2 (second favorite dive bar).
  • Left prezzies in Jules' car.
  • Woke up with cold.
  • Nursed hangover.
  • Napped.
  • Pick James up from La Selva.
  • Went to bed early.
  • Lunch with Irv.
  • Molested by Irv. (Neck nuzzle hug that lasts for full 60 seconds. At least.)
  • Prepare for party.
  • Have party.
  • Eat.
  • Go to bed at 10:30, making myself officially the lamest 25-year-old on the planet.
  • Eat.
  • Play with Gabe.
  • Gabriel pukes on me, my hair, himself, floor.
  • Gabriel seems recovered.
  • Load carpet cleaner into car.
  • Drive away, leaving the sweet boy with his Grandparents.
  • Stop in Sacramento, only briefly.
  • Drive on to Chico.

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