17 January 2008

Moral (un)Ambiguity

I have a friend Sara(h) who I like quite a lot. We've shared practically all of the same classes since we crash landed into UCSB (and I do mean shared), and she's good to shop with, and she drinks real coffee, and she's incredibly hot. I was very inspired by her New Year's Resolutions. These were they:
1. Make morally unambiguous choices.
2. Have more sex.
These are fantastic.

1. I would very much like to look at my actions and think "Is this morally ambiguous?" And if the answer is yes, just NOT do it. Unfortunately, this doesn't always happen. Here we get into the wishy washy nature of the wrong doing. I'm not sure if this is what she meant, but what I especially like is that Sara(h) has not expressly forbidden herself from making morally CORRUPT choices. Because as long as you know what you're getting into, get into it. It's the shades of grey that she's so helpfully eliminated.

2. I too, would like to have more sex. I've noticed that I'm a far more pleasant person when I have a good reason not to sleep. And I would like to do it in a morally unambiguous way. Which means that it either has to be totally wrong, or totally right. And when it's totally wrong, it tends to be a LOT more fun. And when it's totally right, well wouldn't that just be ideal?
So I am adding these to mine. I think that 2008 shall be CLEAR. But I'm giving credit where credit's due.


  1. Well, I guess I meant, really, only morally correct choices... but I'll probly still shoplift here and there. And really, everyone's morals are a little different.

    I had to make that resolution cause I went and got involved with a guy who has a girlfriend. They have an open relationship, but it turned out that the open relationship didn't apply to ME, according to the girlfriend.

    I guess I'm just to hottttt for her to handle.

  2. dear jenny & sara, you are awesome.