29 January 2008

Moments with Gabriel

"I wanna wear my skirt"

"I don't know where it is honey."

"But I wanna wear it!"

"Well where did you have it last?"

"I'm not a girl, I just wanna wear my skirt!"

(Note--this is reference to the kilt that Emma sent him)


The other day, I was reading, and Gabriel was playing with his cars. I turned to watch him as he picked up each car, held it up to his face and said "You bad. You go on time outs!" Then he put the cars in his backpack and zipped it up. He took his backpack to his room, turned off the light, closed the door, and came out to play with his trains. At this point perhaps a normal parent would have inquired as to WHY his cars were misbehaving, or would have investigated further. But I'm tired, and I just went back to reading my book, like, oh that was a TOTALLY normal thing to do and DEFINITELY NOT REFLECTIVE OF MY PARENTING. About 20 minutes later, Gabe got up, got his backpack out, took out each car, held it right up close to his face, said "I love you car," kissed it, and put it down. I can't wait to see what happens when he starts drawing pictures of his family...


"Gabe do you have to use the potty?"


"Are you sure?"


"Do you need to pee pee or poo poo?"

"I need to....um.....eat chocolate?"

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  1. Yeah. I could have annonymously read that story and would have thought it was your child.