21 January 2008

January is pretty serious.

Saturday was Emma's birthday. She's in Australia, and I hope she had an ecstatic day. Or at least an orgasmic day. Or something.
Today is Daniel's eleventh birthday. He's getting pretty close to taller than me, since I'm the family midget.
Wednesday is my parents' 30th anniversary. Aw.
Wednesday is also K's birthday, but that has faded significantly in importance to me.
Friday is my cousin Caleb's birthday. He will be five.
Friday is also Anami's birthday. She will be two.
Saturday is Gabey's birthday. He will be two.
Saturday is also Hector's (Becca's pseudo-husband) birthday. Less important than Gabe.
In the first half of the month we had birthdays of Harly (RIP), Berry, Jen, Julie.

Gabers went to school in big kid underpants, after a very successful no-diapers weekend. I am curious to see how he does at daycare. He tends to freak out with change, I don't know if you've noticed.

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