10 January 2008

It does sort of take the pain away....

I saw Julesy when I was visiting my parents over New Year's weekend, and she gave me prezzies! Yay! And a shirt that I left in LA that I accused my sister of stealing about 14 different times. She didn't, it turns out, but I still think she stole the black one which has disapperated. Anyhow. Then we had our biker bar adventure night, and, not surprisingly, I forgot all about my gifties and left them in her car.
But this was actually good. Because yesterday I got mail! And it wasn't all bills! Because I got a package! From Julia! Care of her mommy!
And I got my prezzies, which were soap* that J-Dog made all by herself (and she has to teach me how please), and good smelling lotion potion, and a CD! I don't know if I've made this appropriately clear or not (I hope I have), but I. Love. Getting mix CDs from my friends. It makes me unreasonably happy with the world at large. And since this CD was A Lil Love To Take The Pain Away, a compilation of feely goody love songs, largely from musicals that are loved by me, it was precisely what I needed to listen to this morning. So I'm glad I left my present there, because then I got to listen to my new CD for the first time when I was reaching a new level of misery. And that was nice.
Julesy also did quite well (and who's surprised really, since she has EIGHT nieces and nephews) with Gabey's present, with which he is obsessed. Both gifties. Good job on combining his love of tiny things with his love of things that go in his backpack with his love of cars, animals and puzzles.

*not soap making like the terrifying chemical process for which you need a lab and have to expose yourself to noxious fumes, the soap making (I assume) like with the molds and the soap making kit.

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  1. I actually finally mailed the exchange cd today- so you'll get even MORE music love in a matter of days!