13 January 2008

Exactly why I don't let my guard down

So I was seeing this boy who by all accounts was sweet and attentive and worthwhile. And being around him was easy. And it didn't stress me out. And I didn't worry about where I was supposed to be when I was with him, because being with him was easy. Which was shockingly new. And I liked him quite a bit. Which was new for me, because I don't generally like boys. I approach them with boredom and disdain.

But, from what I can deduce, I think he decided to stop seeing me by deleting me as a friend on myspace.
Which. Wow. You're 28 years old. I can't even come up with the words for that...

And my judgment in men officially sucks.


  1. lame lame lame......

    good riddance!

  2. ... I don't even know what to say.

  3. yknow...

    it's entirely possible to accidentally delete someone on myspace. i've sone it 2x, and had to hurriedly request them again.

    when someone posts a bulletin, there are two buttons on the bottom: reply, and delete friend.


    seeing as it's been a week, and you havent heard from him in any other way, it probly wasn't accidental.