18 January 2008

And also, Gabe's birthday

Mr. Gabriel will be turning 2 on Saturday, January 26th. Personally, I lack the motivation, the inclination, and the funds to throw a birthday party.
Angelica wants me to throw a joint party with her, but I think mainly because Anami's birthday's Friday and she wants to celebrate on Saturday.
Stella and Darci think I should go to Chuck E. Cheese, where a kid can be a kid. Personally (SomebodyAnybody please back me up on this) I think Chuck E. Cheese is TERRIFYING. There are these creepy animatronic creatures moving disjointedly to off-key music, and there's this horrifying rat-person-creature-man wandering the premises trying to touch your children. I'd rather not.

But I understand that kids have fun there, and whatever. I can't plan for outdoor activities because of rain possibilities.
My mom's coming to visit. I'm pretty confident that she wouldn't like Chuck E. Cheese either.
I was thinking about just not having a party at all.
The only firm commitment I've made is that I'm going to make a batch of cookies for Gabriel. Because Gabriel likes cookies more than cake.
I don't know WHAT his father will be doing. I am pretty sure that I'm somewhat confident that there's a possibility of a chance that he might want to see his kid.


  1. I'm with you-I HATE Chuck E. Cheese! Is he/and his friends too old now to have a party in your apartment-I mean without trashing it beyond repair?

  2. Yup, good idea.

  3. Hahaha, man I was so terrified of Chuck E.Cheese when I was little! I lived in the USA for 3 years from 1-4, and the only thing I can remember was how scared I was of those massive puppet things.

    Jonny, England