12 January 2008

All I can do is my best

So I was figuring out my budget this week, and with K being a complete winner and giving me no money at all, I make about $200 less than I absolutely am required to spend each month, never mind any extra expenses that may come up. So that was cheery. Unfortunately, there's not really any area that I can cut spending. Food and gas are the only two bills that aren't directly due to somebody each month, and I'm pretty sure that I need to feed my kid and drive to work. Last time I checked anyways.

It sort of sucks how I don't have a child support case against him because I can't even get him served. I don't know where he lives, or where (if?) he works, and he's too much of a flake for me to even know when he's coming over to my house. It'd be sort of nice, since Gabriel spends every. single. night. at my house, if I got some means of support from his father, that would just be really, really great.

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  1. mebbe you could serve him yourself- when he randomly shows up, have the papers on hand?