15 December 2007

Saturdays are my favorite days

Well we have the world's tiniest Christmas tree up, and it's about to tip over from its single strand of lights and 6 ornaments. But I wanted something potted that would fit on my end table, so there ya go. And Gabriel loves it, and he's the point. My house, meh, reasonably clean. My homework, meh, done enough. I haven't had any sort of grownup time for forever and day, but K wanted to go on a date last night more than he wanted to hang out with Gabriel. I know I know, no one's surprised. Except for me, continuously. Whatever.

I spent last night drinking red wine and watching Zim! by myself. The good news is I got to sleep in until 8:30. Apparently my drunken sleepiness wore off on Gabe, cuz he didn't even try to get up until 8:15. Today's Jayme's Body Shop party. You're still invited!

Jennifer just told me that she could make me bloomers!! And knitting needle cases!!! And she made me very, very, VERY excited just thinking about the possibilities. Very excited.

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