25 December 2007

To my 17 new text messages

  1. Merry Christmas
  2. If it's important, I can't read you, so please contact me by alternate means.
  3. Alternate means include: calling me at home, or at work, or calling my cell phone and leaving a voice message, which I will check. Also, email, myspace, instant messages, you get the idea.
  4. I do not have your phone number.
  5. As I am exchanging my phone AGAIN, I most likely will never be able to read you, nor will I have your phone number.
  6. Yes, I will need to get all of my phone numbers all over again for the fourth time in two months.
  7. I rock.
  8. Cell phones don't like water. Who knew?
  9. I'm not ignoring you.
  10. Happy Holidays :)

1 comment:

  1. Text messaging apparently has replaced christmas cards and phone calls. Do I prefer having someone send me a text to let me know they thought of me on christmas, to having them not contact me at all? Of course. However, Darien was the only person to call me to wish me a merry christmas, and that somehow bumped him WAY up in my friend rankings. Though at the same time? I totally think I sent you a text.