17 December 2007

Someone better take me somewhere someday

I had a Macy's gift card to spend, and yesterday I spent it on the world's cutest and most impractical silver dress. But, c'mon, I already have silver shoes, and I look REALLY cute in it!

Yesterday was a lot of rainy day crafty fun. Gabe was occupied with his sticker book while I finished up a couple of little projects, and did some Christmas wrapping. And he helped me make hot chocolate and dinner.

We're having a Christmas party at my apartment complex on Saturday, feel free to come. I think we're all gonna be there, even the ones that have moved away, so it should be a lot of fun. The Body Shop party was fun--lots of wine and kiddos and good smelling lotions and things, and Jayme booked a couple more parties off of it, so YAY go Jayme! I'm all for stay at home moms getting to stay home.

I think I'm as done as I'm ever going to be with my Christmas shopping. I need to get something for my dad still, since I've been forbidden to overload him with NLC gear. Luckily he's one of the easiest people for whom to by things (I know that was an extraordinarily awkward statement but I have a disorder and I literally CANNOT end a sentence with a preposition, I'm sorry).

Ooh and thank you to Molly-who's-a-genius 2008 is going to be marked by a CD exchange! That means we have 12 people and every month a different person is responsible for sending a mixed CD to the other 11! Have I mentioned how VERY INCREDIBLY much I LOVE mixed CD's? I heart them. And obviously this is not the case for this particular setup, but I especially love it when someone makes me specifically a mixed CD, especially if I love it, because it's such a cheap and easy, yet challenging and loving, personal gift. And when I love them, it's like, of course so-and-so is one of my best friends, look at this CD! Okay, I think y'all already got the memo about my particular brand of crazy, so I'm sure none of that last bit came as a surprise.

I'm in town for Christmas, which should be pretty low key. I'm going down to my parents' house for New Year's weekend because I'm gonna have Gabe, so it's not like I could do anything particularly much in Chico, might as well hang out with my fambly and eat good food and take long hot baths and the like. But if you're around, let's hang out?

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