18 December 2007

Some things I've never done that I really feel like I should have done by now

  • Been to Canada
  • Walked across the Golden Gate Bridge
  • Had someone besides my mom buy me underwear
  • Bought proper grown up furniture
  • I've been to NYC many times and have never seen the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, Rockefeller Center, Ellis Island, Staten Island, or the MoMA. Because I'm the worst tourist ever, apparently.
  • Never played a game of poker
  • Learned how to surf
  • Balanced my check book
  • Been to a strip club (I'm not counting the whore house in Rosarito, I'm sorry)
  • Put together a photo album for Gabey
  • Hung pictures on my walls
  • Started a holiday tradition
  • Baked a pie
  • Run naked through a public place
  • Knit a sweater
  • Replaced my heinous couch pillows
  • Lived outside of CA
  • Been in a limo
  • Lived in a real city (funny how the "city of Chico" doesn't count)


  1. Oh GraceyPants, you always brighten my day.

    PS. didnt I buy you underwear from American Eagle that time you mistakenly stole the coin purse?

  2. I believe I bought you underwear, actually. And either way I think we balanced out the money bit in the end which sort of means that neither one of us did or didn't.

  3. In regards to NYC- you found the best swings in the world. Which I feel is significantly better than several of the other tourist things (most of which I've done. So I speak with some authority on the matter.)