24 December 2007

So much to do, so little time

We went to Sheena's for Christmas Eve dinner. She told me to dress up and then when I got there she was wearing jeans. "I was gonna call you and tell you I wasn't dressing up, but then I wanted to see what you would wear." She got Gabe a present of dollar store heaven. Spiderman stickers, Spiderman book, Elmo backpack, Elmo doll, clearly my overly commercialized son needed more tiny things to obsessively carry with him everywhere he goes.

I am potentially going to another Christmas Eve party tonight. Well, I said I would go, but the way things are going, I'm not sure I'll have time. See, I still haven't wrapped any of Gabe's presents, or cleaned my house so that Santa can even find the stockings. For one thing, I don't have tape. And I didn't realize it until oh, about just now. For another wrapping Gabriel's presents IN FRONT OF HIM sort of takes away the magic, and so far that's the only choice I would've had today, because as I noted earlier, I have NO WAY of contacting K. He left me a voice message, but since it didn't include his phone number, I've got nothing. My telepathy hasn't been working properly, so he hasn't managed to just up and show up at my house at the precise moment I need him to so that he can distract our distractable son, and I can get Christmas ready for him. Ah. Whatever.

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