17 December 2007

Sicky GabeyPants

I had to leave work early cuz Gabers is sick. Sucks because I hate having a sad, sick baby curled up like a puppy on my floor; because K was supposed to be "in charge" of Gabriel today and was mysteriously MIA, so I had to take paid time off for today; and because I had been planning on spending the night in Sacramento.

Speaking of K.Dot, in my quest to locate my son's father so that he could pick up his child, I discovered that he is now homeless AND jobless. And when I finally did talk to him, he said he starts working in Sacramento next Monday. Christmas Eve? Sacramento? Okay. But what about how you said you were going to take the 26th and 27th off to watch Gabe because I didn't have the days off to take (especially counting today)? Well I guess I'll have to find some other arrangements to make. And what about Gabriel's insurance? He was on your policy, not mine. Health insurance for your small child? Generally important. La dee da.

On the plus side, being home for the better part of the afternoon with Gabriel passed out in a nest of blankets meant that I had time to make meat loaf and pumpkin spice bread.

1 comment:

  1. whoa! Sir K has REALLY gone downhill since you guys broke up, lets hope he starts improving, very soon, at least for Gabriel sake.

    ps. be sure not to break your baby before he's insured again. That might be expensive.