11 December 2007

My Holiday Gift Guide

In addition to the stuff on Amazon (look right!), here's some other stuff that you can buy me if you love me and want to buy me things:

I can't help it, I think this is cute.

I need a new umbrella, and here are some that apparently don't suck.

I would put this glittery glittery prettyness on my zipper pulls and I would be sparkly.

Various bags: I like this and this and this and this and this and this and this and this

I like these necklaces, most particularly Earth, Joy and Champagne. I wonder what that says about my personal values?

I will not get this by Christmas and I'm okay with that. IF YOU LOVE ME BUY ME THIS
Or this
Or this


Another necklace (I'm trying to branch out and wear something besides my gold necklace every day, and I like A LOT of the necklaces at this Etsy. A LOT.)

A leetle coin purse, in purple/grass/gold please.

Monstrously Cute

Edited to add:

Clever and hot pink!!
To complete my broken glasswares
Delicate and pretty and OH YEAH CHICO'S COLD!!! (in grey)
Matching (GREEN!!) hat and scarf.

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  1. LOL...if you really want a pair of bloomers I can sew some for ya...just send me your measurements so I get them right. I've got vintage fabric from the 50's and 60's right now (tons of it) from my grandmothers estate. I'll bet you I could make that knitting needle holder also...that stuff is super simple and I've got the machine and serger to knock it out.