10 December 2007

Knitting it together

The good thing about being stuck in airports for hours on a Friday night when all of your friends have better things to than talk to you and entertain you and listen to your stupefied delirium is this: I finished 3(!!) Christmas presents that I was knitting. And I looked at them on Sunday, because it occurred to me that they were probably NOTgood on account of the lack of firing synapses when I was making them, but they are error free! Well, one has one tiny error, but I think (hope?) I'm the only one to notice it. So that was productive.

You want to know something that's really not productive? Not productive at all? I have 2 (two?!) final projects due on Thursday. No I'm not a student. Yes I have finals. If I have not explained myself to you yet, well, that sucks. My life will remain enshrouded in mystery, and you will worship me. Ha.

But anyways, I have to do that tonight, so, um, sucks balls.

To the mystery Amazon.com shopper who bought me a slow cooker and some cookbooks, Thanks!! I wish you had taken credit, so I could feel properly thankful. I guess this way I can feel generally kindly towards all of my friends? I dunno.

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