23 December 2007

I'm too hungover to upload pictures

Last night was our Christmas party, which was pretty fun. All the neighbors that I like came, plus Matt and Andrea, the ex-neighbors who I like a lot too.
I drank. WAY too much. I was pretty much wasted at 1230 when we all got a cab downtown because La Salles seemed like the best idea EVER. Then when James bought me a drink, that didn't help. And when Andrea's brother bought me a drink? That was no good either. And when Will bought me two shots of Jack, which for some reason I took? That spelled disaster. At some point (and by some point I mean, after everyone else had GONE HOME) Brett, Andrea's brother who had my phone, my camera, all of my STUFF, disapperated. And at that point the bar was closed and we were the only two of our entourage left. Then I recognized K's current girlfriend, and we spent the next hour or so inside of the closed bar, befriending one another. Which I guess made K really, really mad, cuz when I got home he told me that we're not on speaking terms anymore. Except that he had to talk to me to tell me that.
Seeing as I got driven home by a bouncer at oh, maybe 330 in the morning, when Gabriel woke up at 730? MISERABLE? He's pretty good at choosing my low moments to be sweet and well behaved, so far things have gone okayish. But I feel like death. I just found my phone though, so that's something.

*I have AMAZING pics, but I can't possibly put them up right, way too many steps involved*

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