24 December 2007

I have until 3pm. Don't think it's gonna happen....

Yesterday my phone took a swim in the toilet. I keep turning it on and thinking it works, but that keeps not being the case. Now I can receive calls no problem, but none of my buttons work. Which is somewhat problematic.
Also, I need K to take Gabe for a while so I can wrap presents, but his phone number only exists inside of my cell phone, and remember that little bit about the no buttons? Yeah...Christmas is going to rock?
If, out of the kindness in your heart, you decide that you simply must either wrap all of my presents, or clean my house, I won't say no.


  1. I may have his contact information if you want it.

    Do you have a way I can contact you?

  2. I realized that it'd be darn near impossible to contact me back unless I left my contact information.

    My email address is murphymacmanus@gmail.com.