05 December 2007

I feel like death

I had coffee at home, and then there were doughnuts at work, and I ate one, naturally. Maple glaze. And I just threw up. Has anyone ever met me? I DO NOT throw up. Not when I'm drunk, not when I'm sick, not even when I'm pregnant. I don't puke. It's unheard of. Even if I have the stomach flu, and everyone else is puking out their internal organs, I just lie around on the couch feeling sick without ever ACTUALLY vomiting. I have puked TWICE in last four years. Once from being sick, once from drinking. In FOUR YEARS. And I don't even feel very sick right now. Someone please explain. Because I'm pissed off. I HATE puking, which is why my body has decided never to do it, because it doesn't want to make me angry.

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