27 December 2007

And also some things that I do really really badly

  • Confrontation. Hate it, am horrible with it, 90% of the time I choose avoidance.
  • Crying. You didn't know you could be bad at crying? Not only am I really not good at expressing my emotions, but on the rare occasions that I *DO* cry? I'm one of those ugly, ungraceful criers.
  • Sitting still.
  • Watching a movie all the way through (see above)
  • Listening. I actually DO listen, but I'm fidgety, and too much eye contact makes me uncomfortable, and I'm an interrupter, and all of those things come together to make me seem like a supremely bad listener.
  • Driving. I'm working on this one, but my driving record is....not so great.
  • Honesty. Not like I'm a liar, but like I have a really hard time telling people just exactly what I think. It goes along with the confrontation and the emotional intimacy problems. I tend to be a smile and nod type person.
  • Locking doors, filing cabinets, windows, etc. etc. etc.
  • Patience. Read: I have none. Except with Gabriel, I am generally quite patient with him.
  • Money. I'm not a good budgeter, nor a good saver. I think right now that may have to do with the fact that I have no money to budget or save, but when I did, I just bought more stuff.
  • Gossip. Actually I'm a really good gossip, but consider yourself warned: if you don't tell me "Jen, don't tell anyone" I will find someone to tell. Unless it's boring. Or unless you're my BEST friend (there's only a couple of you), or unless it would reflect negatively on me. If you DO tell me not to tell anyone, then I won't. Unless I don't like you. Then I don't care, and I'll lie to your face. Sorry.
  • Maintaining my household while working a full time job. I KNOW most people do it. I get overwhelmed, and cannot. My apartment is essentially in shambles.
  • Discipline. Unless Gabe's being a danger to himself, or hurting others, or breaking something I really care about, I tend not to do much. I have mom guilt and I don't set stern boundaries.
  • Musical/Artistic talent/creativity. I have none. Zero.
  • Moderation. Having a rough day? How bout a whole BOTTLE of wine? How about a shopping SPREE? How about an entire afternoon of sex? How about eating the whole pizza? Or 27 cookies? Or a whole jar of peanut butter with chocolate chips stirred in.
  • Finishing projects
  • Dieting
  • Maintaining a consistent routine
  • Trying new things
  • Trying things that I don't think I'll do well
  • Swimming. I actually love the water, but I think I have abnormally dense bone structure or something. Because I swear to you, I sink.

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