24 November 2007

Thanks, Giving

Gabriel and I drove down to my parents' house on Wednesday. Gabe was fantastically good on the drive, which was amazing, because, as I may have mentioned, Gabriel is often fantastically bad. When we got there Laura was still there with her kids (she went down to her in-laws in Irvine for the holiday). I had forgotten that Simon broke his arm, and seeing him in his cast was really, really sad.
There were too many people there, and I was grumpy and overwhelmed, so I came back to Chico Friday night. I'm going to visit my parents and 'back home' again next weekend, and the people that I really like to see are my parents and siblings, and they'll be there next week.
I hung out with some folk from Elma G. Bradley Elementary School, which was actually quite awesome. And Gabriel was good practically the whole time.
I was supposed to go out Friday night with my cousin Kristen and some other people, and going home early meant I missed out on that, but I really wanted to have some time at my house this weekend.
And I'm glad, because today's been really really nice. My house is basically clean, and my laundry's done, and I'm clean, and I got to hang out with various mom friends that have fallen by the wayside since I started working full time again.

On a side note, I'm going to Idaho on December 7th, and for whatever reasons, K can't watch Gabe. So James (yeah, my 15-year-old brother?) is taking the greyhound up to Chico on the 6th, and watching Gabriel. All. Day. By himself. I'm hoping for the best.

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