17 November 2007

Sometime even the weekends are lame

My cousin Lisa was going to babysit for me Friday night, but I didn't have anything to do or anyone to see, so I passed up the baby outsourcing and just hung out Lees. Which means we drank two bottles of wine in about 2-3 hours. And then Gabriel. Screamed. From 10-almost 1am. About his FUCKING Spiderman Socks. And then of course he didn't sleep in to make up for it or anything, so neither one of us got enough sleep last night, which means that we're both extremely crabby, which means that we've been feeding off each other and spiralling downwards into worse and worse moods. But he finally took a nap, and I took a nap, and I feel better, and I'm hoping tomorrow works out a bit better for both of us.

I actually got pictures printed, instead of leaving them on my computer forever, which is pretty darned exciting.

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