14 November 2007

The politics of T-Mobile

So I got my new cell phone, which is T-Mobile, which harkens back to my first cell phone ever, which was T-Mobile, and how I never had any problems with them, and how if something was broken they would fix it, and if something was wrong they would make it better, and how they were cheap, and how the service was serviceable.

But. Now T-Mobile has the dangerous "My Faves." What 5 people do I call the most? What 5 people will I call the most because I can call them for free, and wouldn't I rather not use my minutes, so I just won't call you right now, cuz it's not that important anyways, and you're not one of My Faves. Well I also opted for free mobile to mobile, which took out some of the competition, because I didn't have to put anyone on there who was T-Mobile. And because I'm INSANE AND REMEMBER EVERYTHING USELESS AND NOTHING EVER USEFUL, I can actually tell you the cell phone carrier of almost every single one of my friends. I'm not joking.

So there's my parents' house, obviously.

And Julia, obviously.

And then who do I call? I talk to my sister a lot, but only when she's at my parents' house, and hardly EVER when she's at her house.

There's a lot of people that I really LIKE to call, but realistically, I maybe talk to once a month if we're really talking A LOT. And even then, mainly on the weekends or nights.

So I conducted a popularity contest, ballots were cast, and the results are in.

They won't be published though, of course.

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