04 October 2007

Thursday is damn close to Friday, which is good

Well my first graduation organization attempt is coming up, which would be fine if I wasn't expected to MC the thing. Organizing, I am very VERY good at. I essentially have my master's degree in organizing. Talking to a couple hundred people, especially when the focus is a career ABOUT WHICH I KNOW NOTHING, not so much.

I've decided NOT to visit my family this weekend. Next weekend perhaps. I'm really just not in the mood to drive lately.

Elmo is killing my brain cells. It's my fault, because I was the one who initially put it on for Gabriel, but I really needed to do the dishes and his baby signs video was just not doing it for him anymore. So I busted out Elmo. And oh how I regret that day. Now he sits in front of the TV (WHEN IT'S OFF) saying, "Elmo mama? Elmo? Please? Elmo please? Mama? Elmo? Elmo please mama? I want Elmo. Elmo? TV? Elmo TV? Elmo? Mama! Mama! Mama! Mama! Elmo? Elmo? Elmo mama?" until I submit, he throws a tantrum, or I do something a good parent should do like take him outside, or set up an art project, or help him with his blocks, or something. That last one is the LEAST likely scenario.

Friday I have no real plans, which means that I'll probably do something incredibly cool like fall asleep when I put Gabriel down to bed. Saturday I committed K to babysitting, but I don't have plans yet, so I'm open to suggestion. Sunday I'm working for Darci.

OH OH and on Saturday Gabriel is getting his hair cut! I've been lobbying for a haircut for at least a month, and it turns out that I just had to stop combing his hair to get things to go my way. Although right now he sort of has dreadlocks on the back of his head. Oh well.

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