09 October 2007

Sprint Retention Specialist #2

After opening up a $114 cell phone bill, I was a bit angry this morning. Particularly since my phone died last night, an unfortunate coincidence. I realize that $114 may be normal to some people, but I used 450 of my allotted 550 minutes, and 230 of my 300 text messages, AND THAT IS ALL.

So I call. Foreign person #1 hangs up on me.

I call. Foreign person #2 disconnects the call when transferring me to the retention specialist. After telling me that she can't remove the wrongly charged $40 on my bill because of the database she's working on.

I call. Foreign person #3 says he can fix this, but even after he does, my bill will be $84/month. I threaten to cancel my service. He tells me that if I cancel my service then he won't correct my bill. I let him correct my bill, I get off the phone.

I call. Foreign person #4 transfers me to Sprint retention specialist. I tell SRP that I want to cancel my service because (1) I called in August and they were supposed to lower my bill to $50/month, (2) I called in August and my address update never went through (3) I'm getting a horrid deal, and (4) my phone is broken and I do not wish to pay for a new one OR resign my contract. SRP gives me a $20 credit for my August and September bills ($40). She gives me a $5 credit for my August and September text messaging ($10). She changes my bill so that I have 600 minutes, and up to 500 text messages, for a total monthly bill of $44. She says I can get a phone without resigning a contract. She gives me a $150 credit on my bill for a new phone. She also gives me a $50 rebate. I am a much happier person than I was this morning.

But my phone is still dead, so assume that I DON'T have your phone number.

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