10 October 2007

How to lose yourself

So. Last Friday I went over to Stella's. Saturday I spent the night in Sacramento. Sunday I spent hungover. Monday I went over to Lisa's. Tuesday I spent in Sac.

Today I let Gabriel watch Elmo for an hour straight so I could rectify some things in our apartment. The fact that he didn't have any clean sippy cups for one. The fact that you couldn't see my living room floor for two.

Tomorrow I have a work/cocktail function followed by going to Sac AGAIN with Stella. Friday I'm going down to visit my family, I'll probably get back late Sunday night.

If there are any volunteers to sweep, mop and vacuum, I don't have any objections at all. Because it turns out that when you only use your home for a stopping place in between DrivingAllOVer, it starts to get sort of hard to maintain.

Oh and I don't know if I mentioned that the only way I could get Sprint to overnight my phone was by getting the pink one. So now I'm going to be one of those girls-with-the-pink-phone. Ugh. Maybe I can say that it's for breast cancer awareness or something.

I tried to go to the mall with Stella today, and Gabriel threw an all out kicking and screaming tantrum, so that didn't really work out. Still no haircut, but maybe K will take him tomorrow? I feel like my brain got hit by a tornado.

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