19 October 2007

An Open Letter to Dr. Bob

Dear Dr. Bob,

I met you yesterday afternoon, at a Toastmasters meeting in Oroville. You, an 85 year old self-ascribed naturopath, gave a speech on glasses. You told us about the various unregulated herbs, special exercises, acupuncture points, and pinhole glasses one can use to eliminate glasses from their lives. As evidence for this impressive feat, you cited yourself, and you haven't been wearing glasses for 20 years now, and the population of China, of which only 1% wear glasses.

Dr. Bob, I have some points I would like to make. First of all, if anyone ever told me that only 1% of the Chinese population wore glasses, my immediate assumption would be that only 1% both need glasses AND CAN AFFORD THEM. China has a lot of poor people you see, and glasses tend to be an extra expense. I feel certain that in Haiti, LESS than 1% of the population wears glasses, and they don't practice Chinese medicine. However they ARE poor. Your argument is flawed.

Secondly, you appeared at this meeting of lonely people trying to fill their days wearing filthy track pants and a a slightly ripped shirt, looking somewhat like a homeless person. The pinhole glasses, I'm afraid, did not help. I think maybe you SHOULD be wearing glasses. It might help you see the fact that you aren't wearing socks. Watching you rub your face vigorously for two minutes and proceed to massage your earlobes made me feel frankly uncomfortable.

Dr. Bob, you worry me.



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