02 October 2007

Material Objects that Make Me Drool

I'm getting to the point in my life that dryer balls sound deliciously appealing.
I already made the nod to environmentalism and have a (now quite beat up) Klean Kanteen, but this is SO much prettier. Sigg's definitely got the edge.
I never knew that I need a very clever hot pink cutting board until today.
Le Creuset is still giving me orgasms, particularly this and this.
For reasons unknown, I have been uncharacteristically jealous of everyone who has a slow cooker.
I don't particularly think that this would work in my apartment, but that doesn't stop me from feeling like I NEED it.
Speaking of, here is another gorgeous lighting concept that I could never use.
It seems grossly unfair that everyone gets a Kitchenaid but me. If it was green, I might die happy.
Hand-dyed wool yarn. Is there such a thing as heaven on Earth?
Gabriel NEEDS these toys.
This glassware, slightly different pattern same concept, used to come in a set of 6, which I used to own. I have three left, I would very much like these.
Aside from the fact that I want to roll around naked in this store and never shop anywhere else, I most especially like this dress, and this coat. On top of that, these shoes complete me. And don't forget their home decor!! I think these dessert plates would soothe my soul.
And finally, my mom got me a couple of these shockingly expensive t-shirts for my birthday, and they make me feel pretty like nothing else in my wardrobe, so if I could live in only them, that would be nice.

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