03 October 2007

But then But then

This weekend I have been contemplating a trip to Santa Cruz. My dad's stepfather is apparently dying, and I love my grandmother, so I feel like I should go down and see him. Plus some of my dad's sisters are going to be in town, so I SHOULD go. But then Gabriel's sort of a pain in the ass to travel with, and I'm not sure what the sleeping situation is with my family already having visitors, so I'd like to leave him with K. But then I wouldn't see him all weekend, and I already don't feel like I see my baby love enough. But then if K kept him he would want me to not leave until Saturday. But then I have to be back on Sunday so that's a lot of driving. But then K would meet us down in San Jose perhaps on Saturday and take Gabe for the rest of the weekend. But then that's a LOT of driving for Gabe. So bah humbug, I'm not going. So do I go next weekend? I'm tired of driving, I don't WANNA!

And what should I do on Saturday, I have a babysitter, and no plans just yet.

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