19 September 2007


I finally have my bike back in working order, so I went for a ride with Stella last night. Unfortunately I think we forgot how early it's getting dark these days, and by the time we got back night had fallen, and neither one of us have lights.

Ever since I abandoned the idea of GABRIEL EVER SLEEPING IN HIS OWN BED EVER AGAIN, he's been very easy at night, and he went right to sleep. Stella toyed with the idea of staying over at my house with Leo, but, well, have you met Leo? So I lent her my car so she could go home and sleep, and come back in the morning so I could go to work. And lucky thing too, because when I woke up this morning K was asleep on my couch, frightening the bejeezus out of me.

Sheena's bribing me with dinner and laundry services tonight, which will be just lovely. And I'm bringing Gabe, which is good because Leila misses her boyfriend--it's been at least a month. I adore Leila because of the strangely calming effect she has on my son; when she's around, a fog of peaceful bliss blankets his mind, and everything is....easy. I don't know WHY Sheena adores Gabriel, who is by all accounts insane. The only thing I can come up with is that she thinks I'm okay, and we pretty much come as a package deal.

I'm riding my bike down to Thursday Market tomorrow, if anyone would care to join or meet up, it's one of the last of the year.

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