14 September 2007

A story in several parts

Part I

"So he never called you back?"


"Have you called him again?"

"I don't have time to call someone who doesn't want to call me, and I really DON'T care."

"Well aren't you mad?"

"Not really. I mean. It's rude or whatever, but no, I'm not MAD."

"Well don't you think you should say something? Like at least about that being rude? I would say something. I would definitely say something, because that's fucked up."

"Look, I really don't care, it wasn't that big of a deal to begin with."

"I'm just saying, when people are rude to me, I think they deserve to be told that they are rude. I think you should definitely say something. It's a matter of self respect"

"Fine, maybe I'll say something."

Part II

The problem with me, is that my natural bedtime is at around 4:00am. Motherhood pushed that bedtime up a couple hours and worked a nap into my day. So waking up at 6-630am? Has been tough. So having Gabriel wake up at 4:00, throw a tantrum and stay up till 5:30? Yeah, I'd say that throws my whole "morning routine" a touch out of wack. One day? Maybe. A whole week? It's been a tough week. I've been trying to go to bed at like 9:30, just in CASE Gabriel decides that he wants to wake up at an unnatural hour when every creature on the planet wants to be in bed, and cry.

Part III

"What ever happened with you two?"

"I dunno, we just stopped hanging out I guess."


"Because I stopped making an effort."

"Jen, he's really sweet."

"Yeah, he is. But I don't want-"

"A meaningful relationship with another human being?"

"Well, no, not right now."

"That's really fucked up."

"No it's not."

"You're ruining your chances."

"Oh god you sound like somebody's mother. Not mine, but somebody's."

Part IV

"YOU are a whore."

"I spent the last THREE years in a monogamous relationship where I was the only one practicing monogamy. HOW does that make me whore?"

"Because when you haven't been in relationships, you sleep around."

"First of all, the definition of NOT being in a monogamous relationship sort of IS sleeping around. Either that or not having sex at all. And if I were a man you wouldn't think twice. AND I'm safe. AND AND, why is it such a problem that I like sex. Why is that bad? I sort of think it's a good thing. AND I'M NOT EVEN REALLY SLEEPING AROUND! Noncommittal sex and sleeping around are NOT the same thing. GAH!"

"I'm just saying, you're a whore."

"Thanks. You're sweet."


My friends think that I'm a whore who's throwing her "good years" away having fun, are unnecessarily talking me into CREATING drama with boys, and I am oh so woefully sleep deprived. Those all tie together slightly more, but you'll have to ask me for the details in person.

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