30 September 2007

Somedays are lovely Sundays

Gabriel was fantastically well-behaved this weekend. He used the potty, he kept his room neat, he was incredibly sweet, etc. etc.
Friday was our first annual company picnic. 5 of the 7 of us showed up, so I guess that's a success? It was nice, I love my job, as I think I may have mentioned. Friday night I fell asleep putting Gabriel down...I'm a winner?
Saturday was gorgeous, Stella and I rode our bikes down to farmer's market (I cut the jesus out of my ankle, but otherwise the ride went well). We took the boys to the park, and it was all around lovely. I got some errands done and restored semi-order to my house, and my cousin Lisa kept an eye on Gabriel in the evening for me. I had a friend over, and I got to pretend that I hadn't spent the whole day watching Elmo's Potty Time.
Sunday was again nice and relaxed. I got my TV jerry-rigged so I actually get the network channels, watched most of a pretty dismal 49ers game, Gabe played with Leo for a bit in the afternoon.
All in all, I really liked my weekend.

I hear that my dad's step-dad isn't doing that great, so I think I may go down to visit next weekend.

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