28 September 2007

On following through with responsibilities

K was supposed to take Gabriel to school this morning. Normally, he gets to my house between 6:45 and 7:00; I have to leave at 7:15, but he'll hang out for a while longer than that getting Gabe ready, etc.

At 7:05 I start calling K to ask him where he is.

At 7:15 (p.s. the time I have to LEAVE FOR WORK) he text messages me, saying that he's with his friend in the hospital, he can't come get Gabriel, sorry. Well I'm really sorry that his friend's in the hospital. That really REALLY sucks. But he's been there for a few days, so this wasn't a big surprise. And I understand if K wants to stay with his friend. I think that's great. But he could have called me. At 6:30. Or 6:45. Or even at 7:00. Calling me to tell me that you won't be PICKING UP YOUR CHILD when I HAVE TO LEAVE FOR WORK is really irresponsible.

So I had to rush Gabriel into getting ready, drive him to his daycare (in the opposite direction of work, in case you were wondering) and settle him in there. Which means I left Chico at 7:40. And I don't think there's anything wrong with me being TOTALLY PISSED OFF RIGHT NOW.

I guess K can't take Gabriel to school in the morning any more. I mean, it was nice that I wasn't so rushed in the morning, but if I can't count on him to be there to take care of his child, then there's no point.

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