24 September 2007

My dad named the puppy Earl, which was my suggestion

Friday my mom came up to visit me. We went out to dinner Friday night with Stella, Leo, Lisa and Jake. We went to the Sicilian Cafe and had the WORST. WAITRESS. EVER. She wasn't rude, but she was completely inept, and screwed up every SINGLE order. But then, we were highly obnoxious, with our two screaming toddlers, so it sort of evened out.

Saturday my mom and I went out to buy me presents! For my birthday! First we went to the farmer's market. And found a puppy. This severely curtailed my mom's visit, since it meant she had to drive her puppy home right quick and in a hurry.

But. I got a new digital camera (which could be very dangerous). And I got four new towels (to make up for the fact that three of my towels turned themselves into rags within a week). And my mom brought me some new shirts and a new book and avocados off of the avocado tree and my watch and my glasses that I left there the last time I was visiting (so I can see again! and I know what time it is!).

It's cold all of a sudden. Luckily I have sweater tights and SEVERAL winter coats. Because I can't figure out that I live in CA, apparently.

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