19 September 2007

Maybe my dad should have had his boys first

Before my family started systematically eliminating the x-chromosome from humanity, my father came from a family with 4 older sisters, 3 nieces and an aunt as his relations. Then he had two girls, and things seemed pretty dim. So he focused all of his incredible athleticism, fanaticism and enthusiasm on his daughters.

The result: My sister actually possesses a reasonable amount of innate skill. She quit playing softball after she broke her wrist when she was 13, but as far as actually being able to PLAY and WIN, she gets the title. I on the other hand am severely lacking
in such athletic abilities as hand-eye coordination, grace, power, endurance, aim, etc. Basically, I played basketball for 9 years and I can't dribble or shoot, I played little league and I can't hit the ball if it bounces off my bat, I played 3 years of high school volleyball and I can barely get my serve over the net. I suck. But what I lack (and oh how I lack) in talent, I make up for with genuine appreciation as a fan. I'm one of the people that yells at the TV when I'm watching football.

And where does that leave us today?

I have had a simply spectacular year with spectator sports. For one thing all of my years watching the Warriors lose finally paid off, and I got to hop up and down last spring while I watched the playoffs. Being a Giants fan is still depressing, but I DID get to go to the SF/NYY game this summer and watch them win! Against the Yanks! From six rows off home plate! In seats owned by the general manager! (BTW if you ever get the chance go to a Giants game with my dad, he'll hook you up). And now, now I am going to USC's home game in November, courtesy of my best friend and season ticket holder, Miss Julia Jane. And I just might be able to work in the USC/UCLA game, in exchange for my first born. Gabriel likes her, so that should be fine.

Anyhow, I'll be in LA the first weekend of November. We shall be out and jubilant, as I'm sure we shall also be victorious.

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