16 September 2007

I've been spending an inordinate amount of time getting obscenely drunk lately

Keith came to visit yesterday, which was quite fun, except that I drank about a bottle and a half of wine, and said all sorts of things. I'm glad he came though, twas lots of fun.

Of course, since I've moved out, y'all may have noticed that I've been drinking ENTIRELY too much, due to my new found freedom, extremely hightened stress levels, occasional babyless evenings, and I'm sure all sorts of else. So I've decided (deep breath here) that I'm only allowed to drink one night a week, and I'm putting up a self-imposed two drink limit if I'm at home, four drinks if I'm out, and by out I mean OUT.

Plus I figure that drinking less may also help me lose what I can no longer call my baby weight, because my baby is A CHILD. A child who spent much of today trying to get his color wonder markers to show up anywhere ANYWHERE at all besided his color wonder paper, because what's the point of coloring if you can't draw on the walls? Haha! I won again!

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