10 September 2007

I'll do the details now, pictures once I get them

I picked Julia up from the airport Friday night.

Back at my apartment, she experimented with a glass of tequila and a jar of honey. Results were mixed.

I tried to drink some wine, but it smelled like vomit. So I drank some different wine.
Saturday, I bought the most fantastic silver shoes, which filled another hole in my shoe wardrobe.

I also bought a shirt, some sunglasses and a new bra, but that was all less exciting, when compared with the shoes.

We went over to Stella's to go out, bringing with us my new favorite mixed drink, Vanilla Stoli and ginger ale. It tastes like an cream soda.

Jayme came over for drinks, which was nice, because I miss Jayme. Working full time has cut into my social life.

Darci, Stella, Julia and I went out. Highlights included:
  • The fact that even with something as simple as a vodka cranberry, James makes a superior drink
  • A man coming up to me, stroking my right shoulder, and telling me that it is one of the most beautiful things he has ever seen. Not the left one though.
  • Being the oldest people at The Bear
  • Julia making out with a 21 year old
  • Me possibly making out with a 19 year old. I don't remember and no one has visual evidence/memory
  • The bouncer trying to kick Julia, Darci and I out of La Salles. While her husband the bartender is telling him not to.
  • Stella's "after party"
And now some facts about that:
  • Julia and I were at Jack's in need of a ride. Called Stella, she said she'd "take care of it." We're outside, a random car pulls up, some guy calls my name, we get in. Good decision? Probably not. As I'm thinking it might be a bad decision, I wonder aloud, "Who the FUCK'S car are we in?" Julia shushes me, and the man in the passenger seat asks me to put on my seat belt.
  • Well this was our ride, we get back to Stella's. She's walking around her house in her shirt and a thong, which was really quite priceless.
  • Julia goes to bed at around 4. I don't go to bed. Stella doesn't really.
So the next morning, on no sleep at all, we go to breakfast, (with the babe). Then thank god K had a company picnic to take Gabriel to, and Julia and I went down to Sacramento to bring the trip to a close.

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