04 September 2007

I promise I won't try to give anything away

I finished the last Harry Potter book over the weekend. I thought it was one of the better ones. Action packed, really good plot, nicely wraps up the series, good character development, not too much obnoxious previous plot review (a personal pet peeve of mine--ooh alliteration!). I think we can all agree that the Goblet of Fire was the major low point in the series, for one thing they spend like 100 pages at the Quiddich World Cup FOR NO REASON AT ALL, and for another there's too much stupid and poorly written romance and for ANOTHER thing, if you're going to have a book go over 700 pages, you need to make sure that it really doesn't drag. My second least favorite Potter book is the Order of the Phoenix, which, I'm sorry, really lacks in many, many departments. I read all of the books, and I liked them, I just liked those two the least.

That said, I had none of those complaints with this book. It only slightly dragged and only in two places, which I won't mention in case you haven't read it yet. Although I would like to discuss some minor inconsistencies, so who else has finished it?? Probably everyone, it's been out for a while....Anyhow, it won't disappoint.

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  1. I just finished the book a couple of weeks ago, and loved it also. I read the second half in one morning it was so exciting. I didn't like how heavy the book was, not comfortable for reading while lying on your back in bed. other than that, I loved it!