18 September 2007

I fell down the stairs this morning

About half a flight of concrete stairs, onto the cement, holding my purse, Gabe's diaper bag, my lunch, Gabriel's shoes, oh yeah, and a sleeping Gabriel himself all bundled up in a blankie.

My knee is scraped, my elbow is skinned, my palms are bloody and my ankle is sore.

My skirt is smudged and my sweater is ripped.

My hair is frazzled and my fingernails are dirty.

I thought I got to work late, but it turns out I usually get to work early, and today I was on time.

Gabriel found this to be an incredibly traumatizing way to start his morning, and I consequently had to spend extra time at daycare snuggling him, and let him bring his blankie in with him, and let him have an extra cup of milk, but otherwise he appears uninjured. Apparently I instinctively hurt myself more to keep him from getting hurt at all, which is good.

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