24 September 2007

All wound up scatterbrained not quite ready for bed

I ate about 4000 calories worth of brie tonight, but it was worth it. However I do have to apologize to my kind host for being such a bitch; I'm very sexually frustrated right now, and it's making me sort of testy.

Stella and I are going down to Sac Thursday for adventuring. I'm curious to meet this new boy of hers, she seems pretty sprung.

I bought a hula hoop online last Friday, thank you Julia. At least the shipping was free. I also bought a superhero cape for Gabriel. In my defense, I was the ONLY person in the ENTIRE BUILDING WHICH IS THE COLLEGE WHERE I WORK on Friday afternoon, and shopping online made me feel a bit less lonely. Especially considering that I knew my mom was waiting at my house for me to get off. Luckily when the other campus found out I was there alone, slowly driving myself insane, I got to go home a half hour early. And that was really, really nice.

I have to get enough sleep tonight, to make up for the fact that I am willfully depriving myself of sleep on Thursday, so I guess I'm out.

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